Experience Madagascar, differently.

Embrace curiosity. Open your heart. Open your mind.

And come inside the Red Island. The Island of our Ancestors.

Fort Dauphin = Adventure on Your Doorstep

Taolagnaro, more commonly called Fort Dauphin, is a small, but dense peninsula town in southern Madagascar. The area is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on to the North, East and South, and the mountains with Pic St. Louis to the west.

This means that just about anywhere you go you can catch a beach and or a mountain view!

One of the best things about Fort Dauphin is that you can see and do a wide variety of things within a small geographic area.

From surfing to lemurs and or a secret island beach we’ve got it all!


Fort Dauphin is on the border between the rainy interior and the dry southern tip of Madagascar. Within a short distance we have a dry desert and the rainforest — it’s likely you’ll get to experience everything in between while you are here! Whatever time of the year, pack for spring and summer weather with bathing suits and rain ponchos! There’s almost always a breeze, which means clear skies and clean air, so pack a windbreaker too!


Fort Dauphin is known for a strong and reliable internet connection (the city has Fiber). Depending on where you stay it may be better or worse, so ask ahead if you need to work! Many restaurants have wifi as do hotels and of course, the co-working office in town.

Water and electricity do go out from time to time — they tend to be more stable in the center of town where our bungalows are located.