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Stay With Us

We currently offer two bungalows in Fort Dauphin. One double occupancy (2+) and one family (4+). Our lodgings have wifi, comfortable beds, mosquito nets, hot water, and additional amenities.

Located in the center of Fort Dauphin, our location is one of the most accessible in town, just down the street from Le Croix de Sud. The larger of the two bungalows have a kitchenette if you’d like to prepare your own meals. Both units have a small fridge.

Follow either link below to book today! 

We invite you to book your stay at either one of our bungalows here in Fort Dauphin.

If you sign-up for a tour you may also be lodged at the Talinjoo, with Lepenthes Bungalows (Fort Dauphin & Evatraha), private bungalows or camping in Lokaro, local Antandroy Lodgings in Lavanona and at Berenty Reserve.

Food & Beverage

Fort Dauphin hosts numerous restaurants from street food to small family restaurants to local dives to brochette joints. Some places you need to dine with caution, sticking to hot cooked food only, whereas other places you can enjoy anything on the menu! 

We recommend Club Sandwich and Chez Marceline (Ankoba Beach Road); La Kabane, Le Filaou, Pizza Express, La Reine du Sud, the bakery in Le Kaletta Hotel and the Talinjoo Bar & Restaurant.  You can enjoy the full menu in these restaurants. 

If you’d like to enjoy a bit of local color, Freedom does amazing brochettes and has a fantastic view of the port. On the way to Tanambao Market, you can enjoy a hot meal, from Soupe Chinois to Nems, and local dishes at Chez Perline’s.

On the main road in the center of town, Jovena and Prix Unique are your best bet for groceries, breakfast foods, bottled water and non-alcoholic drinks (Jovena has beer and some liquor). Chez Martial is another grocery store that sells liquor and wine but has more limited groceries.