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Voky Be is your connection to the local Culture, Environment, Adventure & Remote Work Hub in Madagascar 

Private Hidewawy in the Center of Town

Yes. We get the oxymoron.

Real-life is all about contradictory ideas.

So, we invite you to pack up your ideas about life, the universe, and Madagascar and come to stay with us. 

Our hope is for you is to experience a new way of being.

Visit the wonder that is Madagascar and renew your lease on life and your views of all that is possible on this blue planet.


Robson Tree House
Zoky Be

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Why Stay With Voky Be?

As a tri-cultural family (Malagasy, French and American) we speak all three languages and we have lived in France, the USA, and Madagascar. 

Voky Be (pronounced voo-key-bay) means full-belly or “I ate well” which is a sign of hospitality in Madagascar. Even those without much to share will share a meal with you if you arrive at dinner time. Out of politeness, you never say the food was good, but rather, “Voky be zaho.” 

We love hosting guests in a manner that allows you to connect to the local culture and the environment. We want to welcome you and share both a meal and our beautiful country with you.

You can reserve a room only, order a partial or full-meal plan. Tantely, Hitako and Vohitsy also have kitchens if you’d like to do your own cooking. 

We believe in a small foot-print and having fun. In this, we’ll show you how to walk or bike just about anywhere, take a Bajaj or Taxi, and we can rent you Quad for a bit of adventure. 

Hiking, fishing, camping, roasting marshmallows or brochettes on an open flame, eating local delicacies,  such as fried manioc or fresh salad from our garden — it’s all possible! 

Fort Dauphin hosts numerous restaurants from street food to small family restaurants to local dives to brochette joints. Some places you need to dine with caution, sticking to hot cooked food only, whereas other places you can enjoy anything on the menu!

We recommend Club Sandwich and Chez Marceline (Ankoba Beach Road); La Kabane, Le Filaou, Pizza Express, the bakery in the Vintana (Kaleta) Hotel, and the Talinjoo Bar & Restaurant.  You can enjoy the full menu in these restaurants.

If you’d like to enjoy a bit of local color, Freedom does amazing brochettes and has a fantastic view of the port. On the way to Tanambao Market, you can enjoy a hot meal, from Soupe Chinois to Nems, and local dishes at Chez Perline’s.

On the main road in the center of town, there are several smaller stores with imported, canned, and prepared foods, drinks, and snacks.

We invite you to book your TOUR and your STAY at our Lodgings here in Fort Dauphin. 

If you sign-up for a tour you may also spend several nights camping or at other lodgings in and around the area. Such as the Talinjoo or Berenty Reserve.

Our Lodging

Robson Tragno Hazo (Tree House)

Sleeps up to four people max — ideal for a family of four with two children and two adults. It could also fit two to three adults. 

One Double Bed

One Loft Bed (modified double)

Private Toilet & Shower

Mini Fridge & Coffee

Open Terrace & Climbing Wall

Wifi & Lights

Reading Hammock/Net

Japanese Bath (Extra Fee)

Zoky Be Bungalow

Hexagonal Bungalow with ocean and city views sleeps up two adults in a King Bed.

Mini Fridge & Coffee

Private Toilet & Shower

Wifi & Lights

Shared terrace and deck.

Tantely Antanosy Surf Bungalow

Sleeps up to four people — ideal for four adults or a family of four. 

Kitchenette with sink, shelves, small fridge, electric hotplate, coffee, and tea kettle.

Open-air (but covered) living room and dining area. 

One Double Bed

Two Single Beds

Private Toilet & Shower

Wifi & Lights


Vohitsy – Antanosy Boho Chic Apartment

Three bedroom apartment with a full-kitchen, dining area, living, area and a private terrace. Mountain view and pocket ocean views.

Full-kitchen with fridge, gas stove, electric oven and counter space, coffee, and tea kettle.

Bedroom 1 – Double Bed

Bedroom 2 – Bunk Beds

Bedroom 3 – Double Bed

Small Desks | Eat-in Bar

Private Bathroom with Toilet & Shower

Wifi | Mountain & Ocean Views

Private Deck

Hitako – Atanosy Boho Chic Apartment

Sleeps up to four people — ideal for four adults or a family of four. 


Small Kitchen and Sitting Room with Television, Gas Stove/Oven & Small Fridge.

Two Bedrooms/Two Double Beds

Small Desks | Eat-in Bar

Private Bathroom with Toilet & Shower

Wifi | Ocean Views

Shared outdoor terrace & deck