Ocean Views

yet Fort Dauphin is a peninsula surrounded by the Indian ocean on to the North, East and South, and the mountains with Pic St. Louis to the west.

This means that just about anywhere you go you can get a peek at some beautiful blue water, and there is always an ocean breeze.

Where to Stay?

For a town that not many people seem to know or visit (yet), there are a substantial number of hotels, guest houses, and Airbnb listings. In this article we’ve covered our favorite places (that we’ve both stayed and that we know remain good quality). 

A few of these lodgings are new, a few were built in the last decade and some have been around for years and years. 

Kaletta & Talinjoo

Two of the main hotels in town are the Kaletta (Vintana) and the Talinjoo. Owned by the same family you will notice that they sometimes share staff and baked goods.

Kalet a is right downtown, across from the Mayor’s office and has been in business for 40 or more years, but under new management for the last few. It has a traditional feel with modern updates and is well maintained with a large atrium where you can enjoy tea or an afternoon drink, a smaller outdoor pool and lovely bar.

To find out more about the Kaleta (rebranding Vintana) Hotel visit their website. 

Talinjoo Pool

Talinjoo is known for its infinity pool and amazing ocean views, perched over Libanona bay it’s one of our favorite places. Whether you go for the ocean front spa and a spectacular massage, stay the night, or enjoy drinks on the terrace bar, the Talinjoo is TOP as they say in French!

To find out more about the Talinjoo Hotel & Spa visit their website

Croix du Sud & Le Dauphin

Two of the Classic Hotels in Town the Croix du Sud is the younger sister of the Dauphin. Both located in the center of town the Croix du Sud is a peaceful retreat in the center of town, designed around a courtyard with comfortable rooms and a beautiful feel, the only drawback is the lack of a pool!

The Dauphin which is an old favorite is currently undergoing renovations. It’s crown jewel is a beautiful interior garden, also a quiet retreat and a beautiful spot to enjoy your morning tea or an afternoon cocktail.

Many people stay at one of these two hotels because this hotel group also owns the famed Berenty Lemur reserve, which is only available to visits by their guests. 

To find out more about this group of hotels visit their website

Le Nepenthes & Evatra

In the town of Fort Dauphin, you can also stay at the Nepenthes Bungalows, a half-dozen private bungalows with a shared restaurant and cafe. Nicely maintained, secure and private, this a great place for those who wish to explore during the day and sleep at night, with easy access to breakfast and dinner.

Nepenthes also runs a set of bungalows a 45-minute boat ride away in Evatra on a calm tidal lake. One of our favorite places to escape for a few days!

To find out more about Nepenthes visit their new website


Most hotels and lodgings in town have wifi, but I would confirm in advance (and when you check-in). There is fiber optic in town, so many places (Kaleta and our own bungalow) have good wifi, but some places it can be questionable (likely due to the local connection).

If you really need reliable internet anywhere you go, you can buy a wifi USB dongle for 30 days through Telma that works on the 3G network.


Most lodgings in town will run you about $25 to $75 per night for a couple; possibly more for a family. A private Airbnb might be $25, a night at the Talinjoo or Croix du Sud will be more than $50. A night with Nepenthes somewhere in between. 

In general, the quality of the lodging for the price is very good in town. Most places also have breakfast included or breakfast for 8,000 AR to 20,000 AR per person available on site.